Top 10 Healthcare App Development Companies for 2021

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Top 10 Healthcare App Development Companies for 2021

With technological advances around the world, every industry is leveraging the benefits of technology to deliver better customer experiences & gain positive outcomes. The Healthcare industry is no exception when it comes to the growth of digital solutions and we have witnessed a recorded increase of about 19.5% in the last few years. Talking about the popularity of mHealth apps, there is an increasing need for fitness and healthcare apps that enable doctors and patients to build a connection & deliver great healthcare experiences. Many organizations are relying on top healthcare App development companies to help in serving patients better and on time with enhanced healthcare services.

As the research by Statista says the total global mHealth market is predicted to reach nearly 100 billion U.S. dollars in 2021, the number of people using mobile devices is increasing. With the unprecedented challenge of the COVID pandemic, more people prefer remote care practices to help them improve their health goals. If you are planning to add a digital presence to your healthcare organization, you have come to the right place! We will help you find out the most suitable one among the list of top healthcare App companies. After thorough research and reviews, we have shortlisted the names of the leading healthcare app development companies across the world to help you build the best services for your business.

Let’s check the 10 best healthcare software companies from where you can choose one to build mHealth apps-

1. Clavax Technologies — Healthcare app development company

One of the most well-known healthcare app and software companies with more than a decade of experience in the healthcare app development services is Clavax. With a wide range of digital services aligned with technologies like blockchain, AI, Analytics, IoT, and more, the experts of this firm enable clients across the world to fulfill unique business needs at an affordable cost. Get in touch with the experts to build custom healthcare app development solutions within budget and timeline for your project.

  • Founded- 2011
  • Hourly Rates- $19-$49
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- San Jose, California (USA) — Sydney, Australia — Middle East

2. Mind Inventory

Mind Inventory is one of the leading healthcare software and app development companies, known for delivering mHealth solutions built by the team of experienced designers and developers. Capable of delivering web and mobile apps for both iOS and Android, the team of this company keeps its major focus on building healthcare solutions that brings value to their clients. Contact the experts to get the best services at the best prices.

  • Hourly Rate — $45 / hr
  • Employees — 50–249
  • Founded in 2011
  • Location — Normandie Blvd, USA

3. Appinventiv

Another name in the list of the best custom healthcare app development companies is Appinventiv that has proven experience of more than 15 years for developing various bespoke mobile and web app services in the healthcare industry. Having the capabilities to untangle complex healthcare challenges faced by clients, they keep their major focus on understanding requirements thoroughly before developing the best solutions for healthcare professionals, patients as well as health-concern users.

  • Hourly Rate — $25 — $49 / hr
  • Employees — 250–999
  • Founded in 2014
  • Location — Manhattan, NY

4. Mobiweb

If you are looking for a reliable healthcare app and software company, Mobiweb is the one that enables healthcare firms to create a positive healthcare environment with life-saving solutions. Having strong technological expertise, the mHealth app developers strive together to improve the quality of services through on-time troubleshooting, improved medical app functionalities, and interface design. For your development needs, get in touch with their team.

  • Pricing- $50/hr
  • Location- United States, United Kingdom
  • Founded- 2011
  • Employee Strength- 50–249

5. Dogtown Media

The next name for the leading healthcare software and app company is Dogtown Media that holds experience in building innovative web and mobile app solutions to take the healthcare industry to the new level. From working with a small startup to a big healthcare brand, Dogtown Media offers everything you need to deliver products that resonate with the target audience and bring exceptional healthcare experience.

6. OpenXcell

Another healthcare software development company in the list is OpenXcell having expert web and mobile app developers with strong technical expertise in fulfilling unique business needs for several healthcare firms across the world. With the motive to make healthcare more accessible in times of need, their solutions are built in such a way that it supports remote functionalities to provide the best healthcare services even in village areas.

  • Pricing- $49/hr
  • Location- USA
  • Founded- 2009
  • Employee Strength- 250–999

7. Hidden Brains

One of the top healthcare app development companies is Hidden Brains that is loved by many healthcare organizations for delivering smart web and app services to promote better healthcare for patients and customers. Using the latest technologies to fulfill growing expectations, the team of Hidden Brains enables easy coordination of doctors and patients for the timely delivery of healthcare services through mHealth apps.

  • Pricing- $25 — $49/hr
  • Location- USA
  • Founded- 2011
  • Employee Strength- 50–249

8. Konstant Infosolutions

Among the list of top healthcare app + software development companies, Konstant Infosolutions is the industry-leading firm that has been successfully delivering services for all types of audiences in the healthcare industry. Whether it’s about better communication between patients and healthcare professionals or keeping self-track of their healthcare routines, the team of Konstant Infosolutions develops several apps for enhancing healthcare with more efficiency and revenue growth.

  • Pricing- $50/hr
  • Location- USA
  • Founded- 2003
  • Employee Strength- 50–249

9. ScienceSoft

Another trusted healthcare software company is ScienceSoft that is famous for its development of smart healthcare solutions for global clients. The development team of the company ensures that every project they work with gets the right solution that helps in saving lives and promoting better healthcare. Get in touch with the experts to develop the perfect healthcare mobility solution for your business.

  • Hourly Rate — $50 — $99 / hr
  • Employee Size — 250–999
  • Founded in 1989
  • Location- McKinney, TX

10. Y Media Labs

The last we have in the list of healthcare app companies is Y Media Labs that holds a track record of transforming the healthcare industry with their top-notch healthcare services. Equipped with advanced healthcare technologies, the developers of the company helps in providing outstanding healthcare results through solutions that are less expensive, more convenient, and promotes better monitoring of patients’ health conditions.

  • Pricing- $99/hr
  • Location- Silicon Valley, CA , USA
  • Founded- 2009
  • Employee Strength- 50–249

Closing Statement

Hopefully, we believe that this post helps you find your healthcare development company among the list of Top 10 companies listed above. We know it can be a tedious task to find out the suitable one as there are many healthcare app and software companies available today. That is why we have shortlisted all the companies that have years of experience and offer services that are equipped with the latest technology trends to meet the evolving needs of customers. Know your requirements before picking the development partner for healthcare app development services and go with the best one suitable to boost your business growth.

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