Top Mobile App Development Framework in 2021

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With more than 4 billion users today, connecting to your customers is more important than ever, if you’re not yet live on mobile, you might not even exist. The number of people using smartphones has gradually increased, and you ought to speed up the pace!

The mobile application framework is defined as a software framework that allows a person to create an application with the help of its various subcomponents. A framework is basically the base of a mobile app. Keeping the goal to develop the best in the class mobile app, you must choose the right framework. Here’s a list of top mobile app development technology in 2021.

  • React Native

Launched by Facebook, React Native is one of the best frameworks for mobile apps used for cross-platform mobile application development. Being an open-source framework, it allows a person to build applications for Android and iOS platforms. The platform reduces the development time and helps in building reliable, powerful, and quality applications in the lesser possible time. while the same code can be used for Android and iOS platforms. By using of heavy javascript which makes moving from one project to another relatively simpler for developers. React Native provides a core set of platform-agnostic native components including Views, Text, Images mapped to a platform’s native UI building block. The framework supports JavaScript which is a must for the full stack. Today many firms providing the react native development services but finding a react native app development company is incredibly challenging. Read through company descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your business.

For instance, Facebook, Skype, Myntra, Walmart etc. are some successfully running applications.

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  • Flutter

Flutter is the best mobile development framework, it is an open source mobile application development SDK, written in Dart language. Flutter is also one of the best cross-platform app development frameworks. Launched by Google, the Flutter architecture ensures a faster rendering component. Flutter gives a native experience to both the engineer & end-user with commendable platform features including scrolling, navigation, icons, plus fonts. The platform has a built-in material design widget to help you create powerful, expressive UI for your applications. Developers across the globe who wish to succeed in hybrid app development should be making use of Flutter. It makes the cross-platform development process easy and smooth by allowing developers to test, perform UI, unit, and functionality test without any error identification.

For instance, Google Ads, Alibaba, Tencent, JD Finance etc. are some successfully running applications.

  • Ionic

Ionic is the best mobile app development framework and a popular open-source framework for developing cross platform mobile applications using web technologies including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. The framework provides mobile optimized components as well as native APIs using Cordova and Ionic Native. It is written in Typescript language. The prime advantage of an Ionic framework is templates. One can utilize more than 100 default UI components like forms, filters, action sheets, list views, tab bars, and navigation menu in the design. The same encourages developers to focus on creating applications rather than spending ample time working on UI components. It supports Android 4.1+ & iOS 7 and above versions. Moreover, if the engineers utilize Ionic with a local versatile application in PhoneGap, it works better than hybrid applications. Ionic framework is used by startups and web development companies across the globe. Though it is already being used by 4–5 million app developers who have currently used it to power more than 4 million Ionic mobile, desktop, and web apps for the fast growing startup companies, restaurants, pharmaceuticals, travel agencies, etc.

For instance, MarketWatch, Pacifica, Untapped, JustWatch, etc. are the successful running mobile applications.

  • Xamarin

Launched by Microsoft, Xamarin is the best hybrid app framework supported by C# programming language. It is an open source platform for building hybrid mobile apps using .NET and C#. being a Microsoft product, it has more than 60000 developers and contributors long with great customer support and extensive documentation. With a smart and innovative native user interface, one can build natively while providing an excellent user experience. This framework is mainly for those developers who wish to share code and test business logic across platforms as well as write cross platform applications in C# along with Visual Studio. Xamarin framework is chosen by developers and trusted by the enterprise. Businesses around the world with different industries involved use Xamarin and .NET to build performant native mobile applications. The framework is the best Android development framework for developers and business because it is free, cross platform and open source platform for building Android and iOS apps with .NET and C#.

For instance, The World Bank, Olo, FreshDirect, Insightly, etc. are some successful running applications.

  • PhoneGap

PhoneGap is the best cross platform framework and an open source cross platform mobile development framework which reduces the usage of complex languages including Java for Android and Swift for iOS. The framework strives to bridge the gap between hybrid mobile apps and native apps of mobile devices. The framework also allows one to develop hybrid applications targeting all the mobile devices by using web-based languages like HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript. The core of the framework runs of HTML5, CSS3 which provides capabilities to access underlying hardware exactly like your camera, accelerometer, and GPS. The framework allows one to write a single app that is installed as a native app across multiple channels. PhoneGap is powered by Adobe Systems but is now handled over to Apache to maintain and keep it open source.

For instance, Wikipedia, DHS Program, Health Tap, Buildr, etc are some successfully running applications.

  • Corona

Corona is the best cross-platform app development framework and an open-source cross-platform framework ideal for the swift creation of apps and games for mobile devices, desktop, tablets, and smart TV. The framework is free, powerful and allows to write code once and publish it on all the platforms. The framework allows one to create one application and publish it to multiple platforms for devices including Apple’s iPhone, Android devices and tablets, Amazon Fire, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop, and even connected TVs such as Apple TV, Fire TV, and Android TV. PhoneGap is widely used for creating 2D games with smooth and swift OpenGL graphics allowing apps to provide better performance. Corona is an approachable with plain syntax and therefore the best choice for beginners. It’s the best platform for creating 3D and 2D games, enabling 10 times faster development. Boasting multiple integration tools-

For Instance, TestFairy, Helpshift, Lua, MoonScripts, etc, are some successfully running platforms.

  • JQuery Mobile

The framework is a user interface system based on HTML5. One can use this framework for building both mobile apps as well as websites & getting extensive supports for all kinds of operating systems such as Windows, Mac OS, Blackberry, Firefox, and Kindle etc. The framework is available in two variants, the firs is a customized framework and another one is the latest stable version. jQuery is a touch-based mobile app development framework that allows developers to code less and build more in the less time. This framework is appropriate for any mobile developer that wants to build highly branded and responsive applications that work on most trendy smartphones, tablets, and desktop platforms. The platform allows “Write once, run anywhere” and is quite easy and smooth to create simple apps on the same.

  • Native Script

NativeScript is the best cross platform framework and an open-source framework for building truly native mobile apps with Angular, Vue.js, TypeScript or JavaScript the platform is preferred by most of the developers who want application development for various platforms in relatively less time and costing. The framework is backed by a Bulgarian Software Company and is completely free. It provides app developers with an open source framework for building native mobile apps with Angular, Vue, js, TypeScript while sharing the application code across platforms. NativeScript provides developers with almost everything they require for building an amazing native mobile app with JavaScript and a lot more.

For instance, TicTacToe and Daily Nanny, etc. are some successfully running applications.

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